1. It’s almost in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg, and only a 2-hour drive from the capital city of Bavaria, Munich.
  2. People are friendly, polite, helpful and generally much more relaxed than their northern neighbours in Nuremberg.
  3. It‘s a rich city, with one of the lowest debts per household in all of Germany. Everything is neat and orderly well-ordered, and there are plenty of jobs.
  4. The city is family-friendly and very sustainable, and has been recognised as a “Nachhaltigkeitsstadt” (sustainable city). In every quarter, you’ll find wind engines, solar collectors and a lot of more sustainable buildings.
  5. Love outdoor sport? Neumarkt offers the perfect environment for jogging and walking, with many signposted walking and cycling trails along the historic canal. Numerous sports clubs also boast a variety of facilities to suit every taste - they've got everything from basketball, horse riding and yoga to jazz dance.